Over ACE

ACE Software Solutions is a global financial software products company specialising in payment processing and sanction filtering solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the world-wide banking and corporate sector. ACE is passionate about taking the pain and cost out of expensive manual payment processes and supporting your payments business for future growth.

Successfully implemented at major blue chip banks throughout the world, ACE’s keystone payment processing platform PELICAN, delivers differentiated payment services using new, automated service levels at a lower cost. PELICAN offers fully-integrated, centralised and rule based solutions for banks.

PELICAN is an extensible, component based platform that offers automated solutions for payments processing and compliance, auto-repair, exception handling, order-management and OFAC compliance; thus meeting the conflicting demands of improved payment services and the need to reduce costs.

The Pelican product suite comprises five innovative, intelligent and highly flexible platform solutions specifically designed to meet the challenges facing banking corporations today and tomorrow:

  • PelicanPay™
  • PelicanGateway™
  • PelicanSTP™
  • PelicanSWIFTNet™
  • PelicanOFAC™