PelicanPay for Corporates

PelicanPay™ is a revolutionary new way to process SEPA compliant e-payments and e-collections.

Accessible either in-house or through the Cloud with no capital outlay, PelicanPay delivers efficiencies and cost savings whilst providing centralized, global tracking and visibility of all payments & cash; any format, anytime, anywhere ………

  • Streamlines all payments through a single channel
  • Solves the SEPA issue and all other payment problems
  • Controls all payments at lower cost without capital outlay

PelicanPay is available either as a complete payment hub solution or as one or more specialized SEPA compliant modules designed to meet a particular payment need. Either way, you will benefit from the very latest in intelligent payment technology.

PelicanPay is available as a hosted service in the USA, Europe and Asia or can be installed in-house. PelicanPay is fully integrated with SWIFTAlliance Access (SAA) and has been awarded SWIFT accreditations of “SWIFTReady for Corporates – Treasury” and “SWIFTReady for Corporates – Cash Management” labels.

PelicanPay is a division of ACE Software Solutions; a New-Jersey USA based bank and corporate payment solution provider since 1992.