Saas/Cloud: Simplicity



PelicanPay™ is made available securely on the Internet, on a subscription model, and requires no software licenses. This ensures that there is no CAPEX required to purchase the solution outright.

No Additional Investments

Because PelicanPay™ is hosted in the Cloud; you need not invest in new IT infrastructure such as hardware, middleware, networks, and so on. Furthermore you can now eliminate bank interface software programmes that are costly to run.

No Expenses on Extra IT Staffing

PelicanPay™ is operated on the Internet and is wholly managed by ACE Software Solutions. This eliminates the need for exclusive IT staffing in your office to take care of the solution.

No Licensing Issues in the Subscription Model

PelicanPay’s™ delivery model does not require you to buy any licenses to use the product. Therefore, you pay only when you connect to PelicanPay™ and when you use the service, on a per transaction basis.

No Maintenance Costs

PelicanPay’s™ maintenance is entirely managed by ACE Software Solutions, free of cost. To enhance your operational performance, the solution is also automatically updated from time to time with the latest technology versions.


Most enterprises do not need 80% of the functionality offered by conventional treasury or payment software. With a SaaS/Cloud model, PelicanPay™ offers you just the right functionality for your business; therefore, you pay only for what you use depending on your current business requirements.