SaaS/Cloud: The Benefits of SaaS PelicanPay™

The Benefits of SaaS PelicanPay™

PelicanPay™ makes the most of its rapid deployment advantage in order to present clients with a revolutionary concept model for the centralisation of enterprise payments globally.

Traditional approach to payment:

  • Decentralised
  • High capital expenditure
  • Direct & indirect investments
  • Ballooning costs
  • Long implementation timescale
  • Rigid
  • Limited access
  • Upgrades at extra cost

PelicanPay’s SaaS/Cloud Model:

  • NO capital expenditure
  • NO investments
  • LOW-COST transaction model
  • NO additional license requirements
  • RAPID implementation (in weeks)
  • SCALABLE; will grow with your needs
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY; anytime, anywhere access
  • FREE upgrades