Payment Status Reports

PelicanPay accepts files containing Payment Status Report messages (pain.002) from the bank and matches them with the Direct Debit Collection Request messages sent out earlier using the following SEPA compliant process:

Direct Debit Rejects flowchart


PelicanPay checks if the format and structure of the status reports is correct, it also meets validations mentioned in EPC rulebook and other applicable country and banks specific validations. 


The status report is automatically matched with the original file or individual transaction as applicable, using the reference information present.

Exception handling

In the case of validation failure, the status report is moved to an exception queue for manual intervention.  If automatic matching fails, it is moved to a manual match queue for human intervention.


PelicanPay can forward the status report to the corresponding back-office application based on the routing conditions configured.

A detailed description of each process stage is available in the downloadable functionality specification. CLICK HERE