SEPA Statement Processing

PelicanPay can process statements that are provided in the following formats:

  • MT940/MT942; or
  • ISO 20022 XML camt.052/ camt.053

Regardless of format, PelicanPay accepts inbound statements from banks and undertakes the following processes, which are described in detail below:

SEPA Statement Processing flowchart


Statements are reconciled with the outbound payments and collections that were previously sent out by PelicanPay.

PelicanPay supports reconciliation at the batch as well as the transaction level. It extracts the data that is present in ‘field 61’ of the statement message for reconciliation. The following parameters are used for reconciliation:

SEPA Statement Processing flowchart 2

In addition, the statement may contain additional information about the payment/collection in ‘field 86’. This information is captured and stored for display to the user. It is possible to search for transactions using part or complete contents of this field.

The status of the matched transaction is changed to indicate that it is executed to completion.

Balance capture and reporting

Balance information from the statements is captured and presented to the users through the balance dashboards.

Exception handling

In case automatic matching is not successful, PelicanPay provides users an opportunity to manually match the statement transactions to corresponding CT and DD transactions or batches using the PelicanPay user interface applications.

Routing and enrichment

The statement messages can be forwarded to the back office applications using information like account number, amount, currency, and others.  If required they can be enriched to ensure STP at the back office end.